Vorbereitung auf Deine Elternschaft

artgerechte Elternschaft – was ist das eigentlich? Das perfekte Coaching für Paare! Wähle aus, was Dich interessiert und lass uns loslegen!

  • needs-based living with the baby
  • Design of the needs-based everyday life today
  • Sleep - baby sleep - alternatives for healthy, natural sleep for parents and their babies.
  • Breastfeeding - the most natural and beautiful thing in the world - why it is sometimes difficult - Baby Led-Weaning - suggestions for self-determined and shared eating.
  • Carrying - information and ideas for pleasant carrying times
  • Diaper-free - tips and tricks for getting started, phases and challenges
  • Care - How can a needs-based care take place? Education, alternatives, suggestions.

80 € / Stunde


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Karima Atwan
Doula, Coach and
Specialist consultant for Psychotraumatology


Telefon: +598 995 185 86