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(R)evolution - The online course for your self-determined birth

Let's go (R)evolution - from "inside out" we prepare your self-determined birth. During six days we will explore the following topics:
1. birth as a process - physical and mental
2. the body
3. the setting
4. the partner
5. the postpartum
6. your space
Together with other pregnant women you will experience mindful and appreciative interaction with yourself and your baby. Positive birth attunement, practical body exercises from the fields of yoga, mindfulness, meditation and rebozo are combined with the knowledge of obstetrics. In waves, as in birth, we proceed and work out together your self-determined birth. Intensive exchange and self-awareness are important components of the course. Through moderated, intensive exchange in theory and practice you will learn awareness for your birth. The course also enables you to build a network for mutual support.

(R)evolution we go for it. I look forward to seeing you!

Dauer 6x 90min / 180 €

Der nächste Kurs startet im September.

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Karima Atwan
Doula, Coach and
Specialist consultant for Psychotraumatology

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