Accompaniment for premature infants

All of this is difficult to endure. The entire setting contradicts one's own ideas about birth and family life so fundamentally that there is often disbelief and "non-acceptance" of the situation. All of this can't be happening. This is not happening to me. We only function without connection to ourselves, our partner. Many problems can arise, plus a difficult birth, perhaps accompanied by traumatization.
This time requires an insane amount of strength. And it overwhelms us. Right from the start.
I myself have had all these experiences. I know what it means. And I can help you. I can help you. I can support you. As a professional. As a mother who can understand all your feelings and challenges. You can confide in me.
Get your help. I will gladly accompany you.

80 US$ / 80 € per hour

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Karima Atwan
Doula, Coach and
Specialist consultant for Psychotraumatology

Telefon: +598 995 185 86